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Flat Commercial Roof Tear Off

Modern commercial roofing materials are designed to last as long as possible, but they all need to be replaced eventually. If your building needs a new commercial roof, you’ll need to have a roofing company do a flat commercial roof tear off before installing new roofing materials. This is generally true whether you’re installing the same materials you’ve used in the past or upgrading to new materials.

In the video posted here, commercial roofing contractors tear off old PVC and EPDM roofing and install new TPO roofing.

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In this case, the property owners upgraded from EPDM to PVC without tearing off the old EPDM. While you can sometimes install roofing materials over each other, no more than two layers are acceptable. In order to install the new TPO roofing, the old roofing had to be removed.

With two layers of roofing to remove, the roofing contractors need to be diligent about removing every piece of the old roofing material to ensure the new materials can be installed perfectly over the roof decking. This includes the underlayment and fiberboard that supported the old roofing materials.

If you need a flat commercial roof tear off in order to install new roofing materials, a commercial roofing contractor is your best resource.



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