The Whats, Whys and Hows of 4 Point Inspections

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The Whats, Whys and Hows of 4 Point Inspections

Obtaining home insurance is one of the steps you must take to safeguard your property. Before issuing coverage for your home, the insurance company must send a professional to inspect it. “What is a 4-Point Inspection?” asks a video on the YouTube channel “Florida Real Estate Scene.” Chuck Vosburgh, a Realtor, discusses the four factors that contribute to your inability to obtain homeowner’s insurance.

The 4 point inspection covers all major systems, including the roofing, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. The insurance company wants to ensure that the roof is in good condition and has a minimum 5-year lifespan.

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The inspector will determine whether the electrical system is safe and whether the wiring has been completed properly without posing any danger to the electrical panel.

Your plumbing system should be secure and free of clogs and leaks. Certain plumbing systems, such as galvanized or plastic, are not acceptable due to their proclivity for leakage.

Most insurance companies will give you a grace period to repair any damage to your home. They may advise replacing certain items, such as the electrical panel, before approving your home for insurance.



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