Repairing Rust on Your Vehicle

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Repairing Rust on Your Vehicle

If you have rust on your vehicle and or are in need of general car body repair, you may immediately think to send it off to a mechanic or a welder. There are ways, however, to fix the rust on your vehicle without welding.

Rust can range from small spots to entire areas rotted off and to fix this, you can expect this job to cost you about $100 in materials. Bondo body filler, resin, fiberglass, and metal mesh, can all be necessary tools depending on the severity of the rusted area.

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To start, you will want to grind and sand off the rusted area, making sure to wear protective goggles, gloves, and a mask. Putting down Bondo metal sheets will allow the fiberglass to hold on to something once you apply it. You will want to form the fiberglass and metal to the shape of the fender using the fiberglass resin in a similar method to plastering a wall. Follow that step by sanding down the area and going over it again with the Bondo body filler.

Cleaning the area with acetone before using the automotive primer is a great way to ensure a smooth application. To find the proper paint color to match your vehicle, you can contact an autobody shop online. To finish off your project you will want to wet sand the area after a couple of days, wax and polish, and you’ll have a new-looking car!



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