Spotting a Fake Listing on a Staffing Agency

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Spotting a Fake Listing on a Staffing Agency

Using an online job board can be a great way to find employment, but unfortunately, not everything you find on the internet will be trustworthy. There are many fake jobs posted online, but luckily, there are some clear signs that can help you recognize a scam from a staffing agency when you see one.

A company may hire a staffing agency to fill positions for them when they are unable to find employees on their own. The listings these staffing agencies post will have extremely vague details and not mention the name of the company that is hiring.

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The job will often be listed by the agency itself. While jobs posted by staffing agencies may be legitimate in some cases, a lot of the time, they are only used to build a database of resumes so the agency has applicants to contact in the future.

Some red flags indicating that a job posting is fake include a lack of information on the company, grammatical and spelling errors, a lack of Google results for the job poster, and requests for payment or banking information. If a listing has any of these traits or simply seems too good to be true, there is a good chance the position is not real.



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