The Responsibilities of a Marine Surveyor

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The Responsibilities of a Marine Surveyor

If you’ve ever wondered what a marine surveyor does on a daily basis, look no further. The Youtube video “What Does A Marine Surveyor Do?” shows everything you should know about this profession so you can decide if you might have a future in it. Let’s find out more!

The principal marine surveyor will assign a ship to junior surveyors at the beginning of the day, and their job is to inspect it. They’ll have to check whether the vessels have all paperwork and documents in order and are fully legal.

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This might involve trading certificates and other documents. Remember that surveyors normally handle container ships that deal with importation and exportation.

A surveyor also must check all the vital machines on a vessel. They have to be up to code and working to clear the ship for sailing. If they find something wrong with one of the machines, the owner of the ship has to report it to the Flag Ship Administration. One of the systems they’ll check is the emergency fire pump, so the surveyor gets some of the crew to prepare the hoses and ensures that the pump functions normally.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about being a marine surveyor.



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