Installing a Sewage Grinder Pump

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Installing a Sewage Grinder Pump

Have you heard of a sewage grinder pump? Before you answer that, it would also help to know more about what sewage pumps and grinder pumps are.

Sewage pumps are able to handle some solids, but only to a certain extent. Sewage pumps are usually used for basement toilets or if a property is located in a low area and there is a need for sewage to be pumped uphill into the septic system. Sewage pumps that are not grinder pumps can move solids up to a diameter of two inches. This measurement is still considered as easy to dissolve or break down.

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On the other hand, a grinder pump is a sub-type of sewage pump which has a mechanism that can chop the harder solids into smaller pieces. This pump creates a slurry that is able to pass through most pipes.

An example of this is the Environment One sewage grinder pump. It comes in different sizes and can handle cutting up harder solids so they don’t create blockages in the sewage system.

Know more about sewage grinder pumps by watching this video and learning how it is installed.


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