Picking An Environmental Consultant

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Picking An Environmental Consultant

In this video, you will learn about the steps for choosing an environmental contractor. This video goes through the steps when choosing a contractor, and how an environmental consultant can help. She enforces due diligence and regulatory compliance with the current environmental code and law. This can be on the local, state, or federal level. Environmental consultants can work for a company or for a governing body.

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She makes sure her client who wants to develop or purchase land is doing so respectfully and abiding by laws and regulations and making sure contaminants aren’t present. This can be anything you can think of. Highways, roads, and hospitals. She said the coolest part about her job is that she gets to go to different places. She gets to travel and see a lot of different places. She likes to make the client happy by writing on-time proposals for them and advising them properly. She also likes to get the community involved so they know what is going on in their community. She found that the best piece of advice anyone gave her was to be engaging. Whether this is in the community, the workplace, or to the client. When people feel engaged, they feel like they can better trust you.


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