How Braided Metal Hoses Are Made

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How Braided Metal Hoses Are Made

Metal hoses are becoming more and more popular for avid gardeners. They provide exceptional durability that traditional hoses cannot match. The unique and sleek design also catches the eye. Instead of your normal garden hose kinking and leaking all over, braided metal hoses are agile and avoid those common issues. In this video, you will learn how a braided metal hose is constructed.

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As the design continues to grow, you will start seeing them replace your traditional garden hose.

The braided metal hose is essentially made up of two materials. The inner part of the hose is rubber which continues to allow some flexibility. This is where the water travels through. Wrapped around the rubber hose is “twisted metal.” This provides strong reinforcement while still allowing it to be flexible. The steel surrounding the rubber prevents it from being punctured or torn. It is a unique twist on your traditional garden hose. If you want a long-lasting garden hose, consider a braided metal one.


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