How to Make Your Own Aircraft Hoseclamps

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How to Make Your Own Aircraft Hoseclamps

Hose clamps are essential components of any machine that has liquids or gasses flowing through flexible lines. They allow mechanics to connect multiple sections of tubing together to connect various parts of the machinery to each other. Hose clamps are used in vehicle engines of all kinds, including experimental aircraft engines.

While you can buy aircraft hoseclamps at a variety of stores locally and online, you may need to source strange sizes of hose clamps if you work on experimental aircraft. Instead of trying to find just the right product, why not make hose clamps yourself? The video on this page explains how hose clamps work and how you can make your own.

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Some of the most common hose clamps available rely on screws to close. These are annoying to use and not very helpful if you’re in a hurry. What the video recommends instead is to make your own hose clamps out of steel wire. Using a simple tool designed just for this purpose, you can bend steel wire into perfect hose clamps that are sized to the hoses you’re working with. Simply wrap the wire around the hose twice as directed in the video. Then, use the tool to tighten the wires into a hose clamp.



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