What HIIT Actually Is and How to Do It

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What HIIT Actually Is and How to Do It

There are many different kinds of workout routines out there, each with its own focus and goals. One such routine is called HIIT which stands for high intensity interval training. Many people think they understand what that means.

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However, they aren’t quite correct and end up exercising incorrectly. In this video, you will learn what HIIT really is and how to do it correctly and properly.

The video will first break down what this kind of workout should look like and the kinds of results you should be going for if you opt for it. Think of HIIT cardio as the same as weight training. Wrongly, people think it is a minute of intense workout and then a minute off. On the other hand, it is actually pushing yourself all the way and then allowing yourself to recover. It’s not about the time at all but about how your body feels. The video will also get into fasting and explain how to do it correctly. In the end, you should feel good and accomplished.



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