The Process of Excavating

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The Process of Excavating

Grading and excavation companies specialize in all things excavating. Here is a video breaking down the process of excavating by hand.

Excavating by hand is very different process than what a company would do, but it is still very interesting to compare them.

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The process of excavating by hand is meant to separate artifacts and other small objects that are hidden in an area of dirt. Excavators use dust pans and other tools to dig through the ground and recover what is found. A lot of excavation sites have rodent burrows all over, so when excavating it’s important to avoid these at first.

The purpose of this is to ignore the rodent affected dirt in order to search through areas that have not been affected. The process of excavating is very time consuming and requires a high attention to detail. The objects most excavators are looking for tend to be extremely small so it takes a careful eye and a carful hand to do the job properly. A lot of rocks are found during the process so it is important to be patient while searching. This process is very tedious as all the dirt that is searched needs to be properly screened and analyzed in order to ensure that it is being done correctly.

Grading and excavation companies specialize in this work so if you have further questions or inquiries about the process as a whole, reach out to one today.



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