How to Professionally Perform An AC Inspection

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How to Professionally Perform An AC Inspection

When you are in need of ac repair at your home, first knowing about ac inspections is important for diagnosing what is in need of repair. There are a few steps to ac inspections, and knowing your cooling method can help with locating your cooling system’s thermostat. If any cooling system is not functioning, this will be shown during an ac inspection.

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Your ac unit needs to be warm enough to operate, so checking the temperature at the compressor is important to know for running it. The electrical wires are often located inside the panel, so a service disconnect is not needed. Ac inspections involve looking at the refrigerant line to be sure there are no leaks and it is running properly. Checking the level of refrigerant that occurs during this process, and the data tag on the unit will let you know if the breaker is the proper brand for the electric unit.

Once these basic things are assessed, the thermostat can be turned on for the ac to run, to be sure pressure and cooling levels are charged and working.


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