Tips for Stump Grinding

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Tips for Stump Grinding

This video talks about stump grinding techniques for people who are thinking about being stump grinders. The person speaking is someone who ran a tree business 20 years ago. The first tip is that you don’t always have to use a big machine.

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Another tip is that it’s good to have a high level of insurance if the person does work for a business. The best policy is one that offers $1 or more. Then there will be fewer pressures and worries about costly mistakes.

One crucial tip the speaker gives is to wear ear protection. Ear protection is efficient, no matter what size of job the person has. Dave Clark headsets are a high-quality brand that stump grinders should get. Many people currently suffer from levels of deafness because of chainsaw noises and a lack of ear protection.

Eye protection is an important safety item as well. Some of the trees produce a fine chip that can easily get into someone’s eyes. Therefore, it’s better to do the job wearing protection than without it.

One good way to charge customers for stump grinding is to do it by diameter. Customers who try to guess the size usually get it wrong, and the difference shows up when the grinder does the measurements. At that point, the grinder tells the prospective customer the estimate. The customer can choose whether to move forward with the procedure or not.



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