Understanding Fire Alarm Systems

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Understanding Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are extremely important in the safety of buildings all across the world. These systems can identify when a fire starts and work with speed to put it out. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at fire alarm systems.

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There are a lot of different aspects of a fire alarm system. One part of the system is the control panel. The control panel can monitor what is happening in the building and can send information to the rest of the system.

The initiating devices are the part of the system that tells the control panel if there is a fire. An example of an initiating device would be a smoke detector, which is something that almost all of us have in our homes.

The last part of the fire alarm system is the safety components. The safety components are found all across the building. A couple of examples of these would be sprinklers and fire doors. Once the control panel is alerted that there is a fire, it will send out a single to every safety component. This is when you will see the sprinkler system go off, and start raining water down throughout the building.



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