How Fire Inspection Services Work

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How Fire Inspection Services Work

Fire inspection services are crucial in making sure that buildings are up-to-date with their fire safety. The process is tedious because the inspector needs to check on every aspect of fire safety. In this article, we are going to go through the process that fire inspection services undergo.

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The first thing that’s important to look for in an inspection is a visible address. This is important because firefighters need to be able to easily find the building in the case of an emergency. Next, the inspector will check on the access to the building before they move on.

As the inspector enters the building they will check every different room of the building. The sprinklers will be checked along with the fire extinguishers. It’s important to check that the extinguishers have been inspected recently.

Going further the inspector will check the fire doors. It’s important to make sure that all of the fire exit doors work properly and are not blocked.

The final part of the process requires the inspector to check the actual mechanics of the fire system. They will check the water gauges to make sure the sprinklers will operate properly. Finally, the evacuation plan will be checked to ensure it is clear and easy to understand.



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