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Amazing Garden Gadgets

Are you looking into starting a garden? It can be a lot of work at first. Plants require constant watering to remain healthy. In this video, you will learn about some garden gadgets that will make gardening much more easy and fun.

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Do you want the ambience of house plants, but always forget to water your plants? GROVIO is an automatic plant watering device that will water your plants for you. It consists of a water storage cylinder and some smart plugs that go into the soil. These plugs measure the water saturation of the soil to determine if the plants need more water. If so, it will automatically drain water from the cylinder into the soil. Through this smart system, GROVIO keeps your plants watered just the right amount at all times of the day. GROVIO also has support for multiple plants. You will just need each plug to go to a different plant. To make this system even more intriguing, there is also a companion app. This app provides you with information on your plants well being right to your phone. With a tool like this, you will be a master gardener in no time!



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