How Universities Can Personalize Recruitment Messaging

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How Universities Can Personalize Recruitment Messaging

Recruiting new students to a university can be a challenge. So many universities are dependent on public perception to attract new students. However, admissions and enrollment staff can still make a direct impact on how potential students perceive the university. Using higher education enrollment software can help them reach the right potential students with the right messages.

One of the best ways to successfully recruit new students is to focus on personalized recruitment messaging for higher education. If potential future students feel understood and welcomed by a university, they are more likely to enroll in classes there.

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To make sure your messages are hitting their mark, your staff can use personas to personalize the messages being sent to prospective students. Your online admission software for higher education should include information about each student, allowing you to categorize them into broad groups that can be reached using different messaging styles.

To learn more about crafting personalized messages with recruitment software, take a look at the video above. It will teach you how to great personas to better reach your potential students and convince them to enroll in your university. With more students who feel like they truly belong at your institution, your public perception should benefit, too.


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