This Minecraft Mod Adds a Fantastic New Dimension

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This Minecraft Mod Adds a Fantastic New Dimension

Now that the large Minecraft 1.19 mod is out, there are so many new things to explore with your friends. However, it does not stop there. If you find the right Minecraft server hosting company, you could be playing modded Minecraft on your very own private server with your friends. There are a number of fantastic mods that have already updated and released for version 1.

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19. In this video, you will learn about some of these mods. However, one mod in particular will take your breath away.

Eden Ring is not only the name of a wildly popular action and adventure game. It is an incredible new Minecraft mod as well. This mod vastly extends horizons of your world. In fact, you can gaze at the horizons of a complete different world. All you need are the correct blocks to build a portal and you could visit the Eden dimension. This dimension is full of new biomes to explore and sights to behold. The vast landscape snakes around. There is even a planet in the far distance that has streaks of lightning emanating from its surface. Sights like these should come as no surprise as the mod author for Eden Ring is the same mod author that brought us Better End and Better Nether.



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