The Basics of Water Well Drilling

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The Basics of Water Well Drilling

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If your home isn’t connected to water lines provided by the city, then you will need a water well installed. Water well drilling is a meticulous process, not just digging a deep hole in the ground. This video covers the steps involved in properly drilling a water well for a home.

The well drilling contractors will bring a large rig that has a tall drill attached to it. The drillers need to find a water source, which is not a guarantee. You may end up paying thousands of dollars for drilling contractors to come to your home but end up with no accessible clean water.

The drillers use a large drill bit initially. The tall drill rotates and pounds the drill bit into the ground. It goes deep underground, punching through stone and limestone bedrock. Water is pumped down to lubricate the drill bit while it’s drilling. Otherwise, it would get too hot and crack or melt.

The large initial drill bit is then taken out and a well casing is installed. This makes sure no contaminated water gets into the well. The casing is then surrounded with bags of clay to keep it in place.

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