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Privacy Fence Construction

Privacy fences are the perfect addition to any home where people spend a lot of time outside. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the fence construction on your own, you can contact a fence company to help you. In this article, we are going to review some of the steps in privacy fence construction.

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In the first step of the process you should be measuring your yard. If you get this done ahead of time you can make all of the cuts that you need. Use string to map out where the fence will span, as well as, where the posts will be located.

Once you are finished with the planning, you can get started with the posts. Each fence post will require a hole in the ground to keep it stable. In the hole with the post, you are going to add cement. When the cement hardens, the fence posts will be extremely stable and you can fill the hole back in.

If you are completed with all of the fence posts, you should begin putting each plank on the fence. Work your way across and make sure that each piece gets nailed to the posts. After this, your fence is complete.



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