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When would you require the services of a bail bond agent? You can find out by watching this video. Upon arrest, you will most likely end up at the local jail. A pretrial release option exists in most circumstances, but the circumstances of release will depend on the bail hearing.

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Following the judge’s establishment of a bail amount, it is up to you or another party to obtain the money necessary to secure your release from jail. If the amount of money required to post bail is too much for you to acquire on your own, a member of your family or a close friend may seek assistance from a bail bonding company.

After the bail bonding company receives its fee, an agent will present the court with a surety bond so that you can be released. You won’t have to make any more payments to the bail bondsman so long as you show up in court when you’re supposed to and don’t miss any of your scheduled court dates. Consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance when accused of a crime, especially if you do not know how to acquire a bail bond agent to help you out of this situation.


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