Understanding How Does FTTH Work

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Understanding How Does FTTH Work

When technology advances, it’s important to understand these upgrades and the impact they can have. The advances in fiber optic internet have had a significant impact on the home internet market and the services continue to expand every day. When attempting to understand how does ftth work, it’s important to have the right information.

It starts by installing FTTH, or fiber to the home, cables to your property. The FTTH cables are filled with optical fibers, which are flexible and thin glass that transmits light.

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As the number of providers continues to grow, more of these optical fiber cables are being installed all across the world.

FTTH has become the fastest internet service. It allows people to make phone and video calls for cheaper prices, work from home with a reliable connection, as well as boosting fast download speeds for high-definition content. It can also provide an instant backup for data, ensuring non of your important information is ever lost. The speeds greatly outmatch those of cell phones, satellites, and DSL connections and continue to improve their capabilities every day.

For additional information on how does ftth work and the benefits it provides, please review the attached video.



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