What is a Cell Tower Colocation?

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What is a Cell Tower Colocation?

There are many aspects of the way that the cell phone business works that are most invisible to us. It is something that is intentionally done so that customers don’t have to think about it or worry about how they get the cell phone services that they require. After all, the companies only want us to use our phones and get great service from them. If that is what they can pull off for us, then they have accomplished their mission.

One of the things that many people are unaware of is the fact that cell tower colocation is a major process that is done by almost all of the cell phone companies. The short and sweet of it is that this is the process of allowing other cell phone companies to use the tower of a primary cell service provider for their own purposes.

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They work together like this because they are trying to consolidate the number of towers that must be used to get signals wherever it is that they need to go. It is truly a modern marvel that most of us can barely wrap our heads around.

Importantly, this process helps reduce the total number of towers necessary. It also makes it possible for the company that builds the tower to earn back some fees on it when it allows other companies to borrow space on its tower.



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