Accident Solutions: What to do if You’re Injured in a Car Accident

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Accident Solutions: What to do if You’re Injured in a Car Accident

Car accidents happen more often than you think. According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death, especially for children and young adults. More than 1.3 million people lose their lives yearly thanks to road traffic crashes. But have you ever imagined yourself in a car accident? What will you do if you’re injured in a car crash? This post discusses the various accident solutions that could help save lives.

Confidence in Your Appearance

Car accident injuries can be fatal. And sometimes, the injuries can profoundly impact your self-esteem and confidence in your appearance. While the effects of car accidents can vary from one victim to another, several common factors may contribute to loss of confidence.

For instance, a car accident may cause severe cuts, burns, and abrasions, leading to visible scars on the neck, face, arms, and other body parts. These scars may take long to heal or, worse, may not heal at all. So, seeing a scar every time you look at yourself in the mirror—reminds you of the traumatic accident that nearly ended your life.

Moreover, car accidents may cause dental and facial injuries, including chipped, broken, or lost teeth. These dental injuries will affect your smile significantly. As a result, you’ll always feel shy smiling in public—sometimes, you’ll be forced to cover your mouth while smiling or laughing just to get rid of the embarrassment.

In more severe accidents, you may experience bodily or facial disfigurement due to fractures, bone injuries, or other physical trauma. These changes in appearance can cause feelings of shame, making it challenging to engage in social interactions. But the good news is that all these can be undone, giving you back the confidence you deserve.

Facial plastic surgery is one of the accident solutions that can help you restore your confidence in appearance. This surgery is performed to reshape structures in the neck and head, including the nose, chin, ears, neckline, and cheekbones. Each facial plastic surgery targets a specific area of your face. Some of the facial plastic surgeries include;

  • Rhinoplasty: Also called nose surgery, this surgical procedure helps reshape and enhance the nose. It can address issues like a crooked nose, a bump on the bridge, or a bulbous tip. The surgery improves facial balance and symmetry, enhancing confidence in appearance.
  • Blepharoplasty

: Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty rejuvenates the appearance of your eyelids. The surgery may involve removing excess fat, skin, or muscle from the upper or lower eyelids to minimize droopiness and puffiness.

  • Lip augmentation

: Involves using implants or dermal fillers to add volume and shape to your lips, providing a fuller and more defined look.

Additionally, if the car accident impacted your dental formula, dental surgery might help restore your confidence in appearance. For instance, a broken teeth repair might help with cracked, chipped or broken teeth.

Consider a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is one of the best accident solutions to seek after a car accident. But it’s not mandatory. That’s why you see most accident victims settle accident disputes themselves. However, hiring an attorney can be beneficial whether or not you’re at fault.

But it’s not just about hiring any lawyer. You want to hire a car accident attorney who understands the ins and outs of car accidents. The lawyer should specialize in personal injury and car accident cases. But why do you need a car accident lawyer?

First, car accident laws are intricate and vary by state. Still, you must adhere to them after a car accident to be safe. And this is why you need someone who understands such laws. Accident injury attorneys understand all the laws surrounding vehicle accidents. They’ll provide valuable legal advice and guide you through the entire process.

A car accident lawyer will also help you determine liability, which is crucial for insurance claims and potential legal action. The lawyer will investigate the accident, interview witnesses, collect evidence and reconstruct the incident to determine liability. If you’re not the at-fault party, they’ll defend you in court against the at-fault party.

Also, a car accident can leave you confused, especially when you sustain serious injuries. Therefore, it’s easy for someone, be it the other driver or your insurance company, to coerce you into accepting an unfair settlement. This is why you need an experienced attorney to educate you about your entitlements. These professionals will also help you deal with insurance companies and any other party involved in the case.

When searching for a car accident attorney, you must consider various factors. For instance, you want someone with enough experience and expertise in car accidents and personal injury. Be sure to analyze their track record of past cases and success rate. You want someone with a proven history of successful car accident cases to handle your claim. Moreover, it’s essential to consider the attorney’s availability and accessibility. You don’t want someone with so many cases piled up yet wanting to add yours to their file.

Repair Your Broken Glass

Did your windshield or side window break during the accident? There are two accident solutions to help address the issue: repair or replacement. Regardless of your choice, these car accident solutions are crucial to restoring your vehicle’s safety and functionality. If the glass is repairable, you won’t need to replace it. So how and when do you need to repair your broken glass after a car accident?

Broken glass can compromise the structural integrity of your car. Also, they can pose safety risks to occupants and other road users. Plus, in some states, driving with broken glass is illegal. So if your glass is broken in a car accident, have it repaired or replaced before driving the vehicle again.

But before repairing the glass, assess the extent of the damage. We recommend taking your vehicle to an auto glass repair company for auto glass assessment and repairs. The company will check all the windows, windshields, and mirrors for chips, crack or complete shattering. They’ll then recommend a better solution depending on the extent of the damage.

Remember, no matter how minor it looks, you should never ignore auto glass damage. This is because the damage can spread and worsen over time. Broken glass, especially the windshield, can obstruct your visibility, increasing the risk of accidents.

If you cannot get professional help, you can use temporary fixes to prevent further damage to your auto glass. For instance, cover broken windows with tape or plastic to prevent debris or rain from entering the car. Small cracks and chips can be repaired with resin injection techniques. Not to mention, repairing auto glass is more cost-effective than replacing the entire glass.

Side and rear windows often need replacements rather than repairs. This is because manufacturers use tempered glass in these windows. So when it shatters, it breaks into small pieces to minimize the risk of injury.

Visit Local Mechanics

If your vehicle has other damages beyond the glasses or windshield, you must visit a local mechanic for repairs. There are various local mechanics offering effective and affordable accident solutions to your damaged vehicle. The local mechanic will assess your vehicle and recommend necessary repairs depending on the extent of the damage.

Remember, your vehicle might seem okay to you after an accident. However, it will only take an experienced mechanic to spot any faults. This may include misaligned wheels, frame damage, or suspension issues. Although these issues might not be noticeable, they may lead to safety hazards down the line if left unaddressed. This explains the importance of taking your car to an auto repair shop after an accident.

A local mechanic will check every critical component of your vehicle, including the brakes, seatbelts, airbags, and lights, to ensure proper functioning. If there’s any fault, they’ll recommend suitable measures to prevent further damage and risks. Additionally, local mechanics are easily accessible and provide competitive pricing.

Also, most of them have fewer vehicles to handle compared to larger auto shops. Therefore, they typically have faster turnaround times. Plus, you can leave your vehicle at a local repair shop and go home, and come back any time because they’re just a few meters away from your home.

Visit a Body Shop

Sometimes, your local mechanic will address all the repairs your vehicle needs. Other times, you must visit a body shop for further repairs. This happens, especially when your local mechanic isn’t familiar with your car model. Remember, some vehicles are unique and require highly qualified professionals to work on them. Therefore, taking your vehicle to a body shop is among the best accident solutions to take after an auto accident.

So, why do you need to visit an auto body shop? First, it’s for professional assessment. Body shop technicians are highly trained, skilled, and experienced to identify and assess the full extent of the damage to your vehicle. They’ll examine visible and hidden damages and offer a detailed report of the necessary repairs.

What’s more, body shops have the necessary equipment, tools, and expertise to perform high-quality auto repairs. Most of them have original manufacturer parts or high-quality aftermarket parts on-site to ensure proper fit and functionality. They’ll apply custom auto paint to restore your vehicle’s appearance.

Plus, if you plan to file an insurance claim for the damages, your insurance provider will need an estimate of the costs from a reputable auto body shop. Therefore, having a professional assessment and estimate from an auto body shop will help streamline the whole process. Also, if your car is still under warranty, the requirements may demand that you get all the repairs done by a reputable body shop to maintain coverage.

Solutions for a Totaled Vehicle

You might wonder: do we have accident solutions for a totaled vehicle? Of course, we do. So what must you do after your car is totaled after an accident? First, you should understand that if your car is totaled, it means the cost of repairing the car exceeds the actual cash value. Therefore, no amount of accident solutions can bring your car back on the road. And if there are any, you might break the bank for it.

So what should you do when your vehicle gets totaled? Who’s going to pay for the wrecker service? The first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance company. Provide all the details about the accident and follow their specific instructions for filing a claim. The insurance company will assign an adjuster to assess the damage and determine if the vehicle is a total loss.

Next, get your vehicle towed to a salvage yard or secure location. You might need to hire a wrecker service to help you move the totaled vehicle. Then, gather all the necessary documentation about your vehicle, including the title, registration, and any maintenance records. This information will be crucial during the claims process.

You’ll also need to review your insurance policy to understand coverage limits and what to expect from the claim. The insurance company will assess the vehicle’s actual cash value based on the vehicle’s age, condition, mileage, and local market values. They’ll then negotiate the settlement with you and reimburse you.

Monitor Your Tires

Monitoring your tires after an accident is one of the most essential accident solutions often ignored. We tend to focus more on the most visible parts, including the windshield, and forget about the most essential car component, the tires.

Depending on the accident, your vehicle tires might be affected in various ways. For instance, the impact of the collision might cause tire damage such as punctures, tears, or cuts. Also, you might have tire misalignment, tire sidewall damage, or bent or damaged rims.

Therefore, you should inspect your tires for any visible damage signs or air leakage after an accident. Also, verify the tire pressure and ensure it matches the recommended levels. If there are any severe damages, such as misaligned wheels, take your car to an auto repair shop for repairs or replacements. You might also consider local tires for sale.

Accidents are common on roads worldwide. In fact, they are among the leading causes of injuries and deaths. While you might not have been in a car accident, it’s essential to understand the next steps after an auto accident. The various accident solutions discussed above will come in handy after an auto accident.


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