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Stay Back From Boat Docks Until You Watch This

In this video, the presenter suggests that boat owners should approach the dock slowly. Doing so allows for better control and reduces the risk of accidents. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding sudden changes in direction.

Secondly, Sean advises boat owners to use their boat’s momentum when docking. By approaching the dock at a slight angle, they can use the boat’s forward motion to help bring it alongside the dock.

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This technique, called docking on the fly, can make the process much easier.

Next, he recommends using the wind and current to assist in docking. By considering these factors, boaters can maneuver their boat more effectively. For example, if the wind is blowing towards the dock, approaching the dock into the wind can help slow the boat down.

Furthermore, using fenders and dock lines properly is vital. Fenders, which are inflatable cushions, must sit strategically along the boat’s sides to protect it from damage during boat docks. Lines, on the other hand, should be properly secured to the dock to help control the boat’s movement.

Lastly, Sean highlights the importance of practice. Docking skills improve through hands-on experience, so owners should take every opportunity to practice docking in different conditions. By doing so, they can build confidence and improve their ability to dock their boat safely and smoothly.



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