Looking Into the Tiny Homes Trend

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Looking Into the Tiny Homes Trend

The tiny home trend has progressed quite quickly and gained much popularity in just a few years. Tiny homes are an alternative to normal purchased or rented homes, as they’re a lot smaller and more cost-effective. But what has led the general population to consider these homes? The speaker in the video explains more about the tiny home phenomenon.

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According to the speaker, tiny houses are generally more inexpensive, sustainable, and easily maintained than a larger home would be. Normally, everything in the United States tends to grow larger over time as people tend to earn more money throughout their lives. Incomes creep up, and so do living expenses. However, many individuals do not own their homes, and pay a mortgage to the bank in order to live on their property. This becomes tiresome to many.

A great solution is just to sell your oversized home and use the money to purchase a much smaller home on a small plot of land. There are no more mortgages or debts to be paid, so expenses are trimmed almost all the way down. People are finding this is the least expensive way to live while still enjoying life.

Alternatively, small houses are great rental properties. Many investors are purchasing land and trailers to create beautiful tiny homes to rent as an Airbnb or hotel room. The trend is still hot enough to draw new customers each night.


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