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These Lawyers Can Help You Solve Your Legal Problem

When you need assistance with a legal matter, you’ll need an experienced attorney’s help to solve your legal problem. Attorneys will listen to you and tell you how to proceed with your legal matters. Working with a lawyer who has experience in one branch of the law will give you an extra edge in your case. Depending on the nature of your case, here are some types of attorneys that you may want to consult:

Speaking on Your Behalf

If you have been arrested and need to defend yourself, you can get assistance from a local defense attorney. Defense attorneys must find a way to defend you against charges that are made by the police. They will either seek to prove that you did not commit the offense or that there is no legal way to prove you committed the crime. For example, they may try to show that you weren’t in your right mind when the crime was committed.

Many people can’t afford their lawyers. Because the U.S. government decrees that every citizen has the right to an effective defense, the court will appoint a defense lawyer for you at no charge. According to Legal Aid NYC, the practice of providing no-cost attorneys began in 1876 when attorneys began helping impoverished German immigrants with German-speaking lawyers.

Having the services of a defense attorney will equip you with advocates who work with the local judges and other court staff. They can tell you what to expect in court and how to state your testimony best. Because of their experiences, they will also gain a reputation among their peers, which may help them negotiate with the other court officers. All these factors can work together to help your lawyer to help solve your legal problem.

Becoming Your Advocate

Although charges brought against you could relate to a wide variety of offenses, many charges that come to court are related to criminal law. To defend against those charges, hiring a criminal attorney is in your best interest. Criminal attorneys can work alone or work in a firm with other lawyers.

When you work with a criminal attorney, they will inform you of the typical charges likely to be imposed by the court. Because of the growing number of cases coming before the court, the lawyers representing the police will sometimes arrange with your lawyer, called a plea bargain. To avoid a lengthy court battle, you may be able to plead guilty to a less serious charge. Plea bargains can benefit you with less severe consequences for your crime.

Criminal defendants can be charged with robbery, kidnapping, extortion, or even murder. A criminal lawyer will listen to your explanation of the crime. You may have been blackmailed or coerced by someone to commit the crime. There may be circumstances that led to the crime, which your lawyer can use to help them solve your legal problem.

Protecting Your Assets

When planning how to manage finances for the end of your life, working with a trust lawyer can be a good idea. If there are people whom you want to receive money once you pass away, you might put that money in a trust. One of the most important reasons for a trust is to prevent the recipient from being required to pay taxes. The trust lawyer will make certain the paperwork for a trust has been correctly completed.

With a living trust, you can ensure the money goes directly to the trustee after you pass away. A trust will solve your legal problems if you want money to go to a loved one without probate. If you have a family member who is physically disabled, you can use a trust to take care of their financial needs. A trust that allows you to do this is called a Special Needs Trust.

You can place conditions on the funds in a trust. For example, if you have a family member who isn’t careful with their money, you can use an overseer with the trust. They can ensure the trustee is spending the money wisely or temporarily withhold it from them. A trust lawyer should oversee all trust transactions.

Making Financial Arrangements

When someone has become disabled and cannot make financial decisions for themselves, the court can declare a conservator to make decisions on their behalf. Conservatorships are appropriate for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or with an intellectual disability. If the disabled person is in your family, a conservatorship could solve your legal problems related to caring for them.

A person who becomes aware of someone who qualifies to be placed in a conservatorship will petition the court to appoint a conservator. Perhaps the person was previously supported by a spouse who died. In such a case, the conservator would ensure the spouse’s benefits would be spent to care for them.

A conservator is not the same as a guardian (someone who makes medical and care decisions), but the same person can hold both roles. A conservator doesn’t have to be a lawyer, although a lawyer can advise you. If no family members can take responsibility, some organizations will oversee the conservatorship for a fee.

Walking You Through Disability Benefits

When your doctor tells you that your condition has reached the stage when you are considered disabled, you will need to apply for disability benefits. Many people find the Social Security Disability application complicated. To help with the application process, many people choose to work with a disability lawyer.

A disability lawyer is well-versed in helping to solve your legal problems related to disability applications. According to NerdWallet, using a disability lawyer to appeal a declination of benefits will result in success almost 33% more often. Disability lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, which means they are only paid when your case is won. Once approved, your disability benefits will be paid monthly.

Social Security requires specific medical criteria to verify disability, and the doctor will know how to document their certification to meet the requirements. You must also submit a signed form from your employer that verifies your income. Social Security must also see proof of your identity, residence, and banking accounts.

Making a New Start

If the police charge you with driving while intoxicated, you would be wise to work with a drunk driving attorney. The attorney will want details of the circumstances of your arrest. The seriousness of your charges will depend on your previous arrest record and the result of the sobriety test taken at the site of your arrest. DUI attorneys will know the laws of your state and how those laws apply to your case.

Because of their knowledge of state DUI Laws, these lawyers may be able to reduce any charges brought against you. If the case goes to court, the prosecution will need to prove your intoxication. Your lawyer may be able to spot any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and solve your legal problems. If they find enough evidence in your favor, you could only need to do community service or pay a small fine.

According to the Defenders, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended if you are arrested for DUI. If you want to get your license back, your lawyer will help you file an appeal within seven days of the suspension. The lawyer will also know how to proceed with your defense.

Dissolving Your Marriage

Although some uncontested divorces can be handled on your own, it is typically better to work with an attorney. This is especially true if you and your spouse have children together or if you have considerable assets. With children, you may need help to solve your legal problems regarding custody, while couples with many assets to split will need help to remain objective during the process.

In such a high asset divorce, you and your spouse may be contending to own more than one residence and vehicle and who can control financial resources. While a prenuptial agreement can help determine some aspects of the settlement, it is unlikely to reflect the status of all your assets completely. One or both of you have likely made purchases of high-value items like autos, jewelry or real estate.

If you and your spouse have children, whichever spouse will be the primary caretaker for the children will likely keep the home where the children will live. Once that determination is made, the other assets will be split. These decisions will not only affect the financial assets of each side in the divorce but will incur taxes on whichever side owns them. In addition to attorneys, some spouses with considerable assets may also consult financial advisors or tax attorneys.

Advocating for Education

One branch of law with few practitioners is education law. An education lawyer will advocate for clients who have been inadequately served by educational institutions. In some cases, these lawyers may speak for clients trying to gain admission to an institution. Since education laws vary from state to state, choosing a lawyer from your state is essential to solve your legal problems related to education.

These attorneys may deal with civil rights cases, or they could involve accommodations for special education methods. In a case like this, the educational needs of clients are typically determined by a group of educational experts and formulated into an IEP (individual education plan.) For example, a student who would thrive in a smaller class size, or take oral exams instead of written exams may obtain these through a lawyer.

If someone has been a victim of a criminal action at school, an educational lawyer can speak for their rights. The lawyers must show the extent to which the school administration was at fault for the crime. If the school, in any way, made circumstances possible for the crime to be committed, the school can be implicated in the crime.

Dealing With Medical Errors

A medical malpractice attorney will help you if you have been hurt or injured – by a doctor or other healthcare professional. A malpractice case may occur because of something the doctor did, but it can also happen because of something the doctor didn’t do. These cases can become complicated, mainly because of the subjective nature of these cases.

To solve your legal problems regarding malpractice, the lawyer must have extensive knowledge of your state’s malpractice laws. They would also need extensive knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. Clients who come to a malpractice lawyer must provide medical records, doctors’ affidavits, and an examination by an independent doctor. That doctor will give their opinion about whether the healthcare professional was responsible for the client’s current condition.

Both sides will ask experts to testify when this case is brought before a judge. The standard to decide malpractice cases is often, ‘What would a reasonable doctor do under the same circumstances?’ The final decision could award you compensation for medical expenses, as well as compensation for wages you might have earned. In some cases, you could also receive funds for the emotional impact of the injury.

Compensating for Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can occur because of an auto accident or because of another person’s actions. You should work with a personal injury law firm to effectively represent your claim. Your account of what happened during the accident or injury will be essential in helping your lawyer to solve your legal problems. Your lawyer will also want to talk to any witnesses at the scene.

You may wonder if you should work with a personal injury lawyer if your injury occurs at work. According to Dolman Law, injuries that occur while you are at work are best handled by a worker’s compensation claim. Any issues you can’t resolve related to those claims should be referred to a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Working with a lawyer is best for handling matters related to the law. Although a lawyer typically charges you a fee, the fee can be considered an investment in your future. By working closely with an attorney, you will find a way to solve your legal problems and emerge from the legal encounter with your life in a better place than it previously was.


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