Asphalt Maintenance Overview

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Asphalt Maintenance Overview

Asphalt maintenance is critical for the integrity of your pavement when providing commercial or industrial services. Without regular asphalt maintenance services, your business could be subject to liabilities with slip and falls, vehicle repairs, or even collisions where parking spaces are not clearly marked. In this video, U.S. Pavement Services walks you through the various processes that help to coat, repair, and maintain and asphalt in order to extend its longevity.

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When asphalt maintenance services extend the life of your asphalt, you are preventing liabilities, but also preventing the expense of repaving the asphalt within a few year’s time. Seal coating is a popular technique used to maintain asphalt and will help to ensure the asphalt is protected from most environmental elements. Crack filling is another service of asphalt maintenance.

This service will update the appearance of your asphalt and also prevent water penetration from creating further damage. When your asphalt is cleaned, filled, and seal coated, a line painter can update its look with fresh-looking parking spaces. This will make your parking lot look new again, for less money than a new parking lot. Consider asphalt maintenance services for your business today.


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