Programming a Garage Door Remote

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Programming a Garage Door Remote

When you arrive home after a long day at work, you just want to get inside. We have all had issues where our garage door is either jammed or frozen shut (in winter months, of course). One device that makes it easy for you to pull your car into the garage is the garage door remote. Believe it or not, we may take it for granted. This video will discuss how to program your garage door openers.

While many new cars come with built-in garage door openers, many of us still rely on the small remote that is pinned above our heads of the interior of the vehicle.

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When purchased, these remotes don’t automatically synchronize with your automated garage door. You must manually program it. You will need to grab a ladder and go to the opening unit inside of your garage. You’ll open the light cover and there will be the controls. A colored button is what you will want to press to sync your remote. About 30 seconds after pressing the colored button, you will press the button on the remote. The signals will then match up and your remote is ready for use. It is really that easy!.


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