Why Hair Loss Happens

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Why Hair Loss Happens

Hair loss, thinning hair, and balding are all things that start to happen as we get older. And the older we get, the faster these things happen. Men especially see this happen as the process of thinning hair tends to be accelerated for them. But why does this happen? In this video, you will learn all about what causes hair loss and why hair loss tends to happen as we age, especially for men.

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Hair loss in men tends to always follow a specific pattern where it first is seen at the temples as the hairline recedes. Then the very back of the head will start to go bald, and before long, only hair around the sides of the head will remain. The video will show you the different types of hair loss and their medical names. As it turns out, hair loss patterns are genetic. Hormones get affected differently due to these genetics. With this knowledge, you should better understand your hair loss.



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