Commercial Log Splitter Comparison

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Commercial Log Splitter Comparison

Do you run a firewood business? Perhaps you want to know which splitting machine you should get for your business. That’s why in this blog, you will know which commercial log splitting machines that work best for you. You will also understand its nature as we discuss both pros and cons of the machines.

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1. Firewood Processor

A high-grade firewood processor usually takes about 5.5 seconds of cycle time from cutting the woods to splitting. It’s a machine to use when buying logs off a logger.

This machine could also pick the log off the ground as it runs through the in-feed and four, six, or eight-way knife out of the conveyor. There also has a lot of safety features and is very reliable.

There must be some issue with the firewood processor, for if there’s a weird piece of log, the bar shuts down and quits.

2. Commercial Log Splitting Machines

The good thing about a commercial log splitting machine is that whenever there’s a piece of log that gets stuck, and there is a huge piece coming off the bottom – you’ll never have to use a sledgehammer and beat the log. Instead, you can use the hydraulically adjustable wedge by wiggling it up and down to get the job done.

Yes, this machine also gets jammed, but you can still work around it for sure.



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