The Basics to Drywall Installation

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The Basics to Drywall Installation

This video provides some basic information on how to install drywall.

Butt Versus Tapered Surface

There are two ends to a piece of drywall — the tapered and the butt. The former is what you use to connect two pieces of drywall.

It creates a surface that’s easy to cover with joint take and compound. Connecting butt ends requires more work.


Don’t go into the hardware store and purchase the first box of drywall fasteners. There are two types of screws available. Each works with a different frame.

Those that have fine threads are used for metal studs. Though these exist in a standard home, they aren’t standard. Instead, use screws with a wider thread. Generally, they work better with wood frames. No matter the type of frame, the fasteners need to be 1.5 times longer than the drywall’s thickness.

Cutting Tools

You can use a utility knife or rotor blade to cut drywall. The latter is certainly the faster option. However, make sure you have proper safety equipment on before its use.

The utility knife also allows for quick cuts. However, there’s always a risk you dig past the paper into the powder. Make sure you avoid doing this.



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