Tips for Setting Up a Water Cooler

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Tips for Setting Up a Water Cooler

A water cooler is an easy and convenient way to provide hydration for your employees or guests at your next big event. It’s a relatively simple system to set up. However, there are a few crucial steps you must keep in mind when setting up water dispensers. Mike from Tribeca Beverage is here today to walk you through setting up your water cooler correctly.

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It’s vital to ensure that the area is safe before doing anything else. Is your cord intact? Are the nozzles tight, snoring no unexpected spills? You will learn in today’s video how to ensure that your cooler is ready to be set up. Is the water bottle missing a safety seal? That could signify that it has been tampered with and is unsafe to use. You will want to retrieve another water bottle if you have noticed something wrong with the safety seal.

You will then learn how to install the bottle safely. You will also learn how to ensure the hot water tank is turned on and how to set your desired temperature for the cold water.

Want to know more about setting up water dispensers? Click to watch the video now!



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