Can You Overseed with a Hydroseeder?

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Can You Overseed with a Hydroseeder?

Overseeding can be done with a hydroseeder! Derek and Adam are both a part of businesses that offer hydroseeding services and today they have a job to do that involves overseeing. They both get asked this question all the time: How can you overseed with a hydroseeder? They explain that they have a hydroseeder with them that is filled with 180 gallons of water and then they will add 10 pounds of seed to that. That will allow them to work on this job with the 10,000 square feet they need to cover. In order to tell where you’ve already overseeded, put a little mulch in the hydroseeder, but not too much.

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This will give you a hint on where you’ve been because of the change in color. Making sure you know where you’ve been and creating an even coat when spraying it all over the lawn is Derek’s advice for overseeding with a hydroseeder.

Watch the video to hear an explanation of Adam on how they got the lawn to look like it does now and why they decided to visit with a hydroseeder. You can also see them set up, overseed the entire lawn, and see the final product. Once you start the job, it’s pretty easy to complete it.



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