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How Stone Is Used In Building

Throughout the course of history stone has been used heavily in the building of homes and other structures. As the world became more interconnected, different types of stone became available. There are many different types of stone that can be used in any different kind of building, and they all have pros and cons.

One type of stone is sandstone. Sandstone is made up of quartz and feldspar, as well as, sedimentary rock.

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Sandstone is also highly comprised of sand, and the stone is able to stay together because it contains a cementing material that binds the sand together. Sandstone has a few uses and you may see sandstone being used to make glass or T.V. screens. Limestone is a different type of stone and it is made up of calcite and aragonite. You may also find many fossils trapped in limestone. The types of fossils that you would find in limestone come from the ocean. Commonly, limestone is crushed up and used as a construction material, but it does have other uses.

All in all, stone as a whole is a majorly important part of our building process. With many different kinds of stone, we can see all of the different uses in action.



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