How to Choose the Best Gun Class

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How to Choose the Best Gun Class

Are you familiar with how to properly grasp and use a pistol? There is a proper way to hold and aim a gun prior to firing. According to a YouTube video titled “Teaching a Beginner Handgun Class” by Active Self Protection Extra, the instructor demonstrates how to properly grasp and hold a firearm during the gun class. It refers to holding a gun with your dominant hand, pinky finger, and the support of your other hand.

Hand dominance is critical in general because it is the hand that operates efficiently and effectively.

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Accuracy requires proficiency with the dominant hand when firing a gun. The video indicates that the dominant hand’s pinky finger accounts for approximately 40% of grip strength; therefore, make it count.

The supporting hand squeezes the gun side to side and adds additional strength to the gun’s frame to withstand recoil. Recoil is the force applied backward by a firearm when it is fired.

Additionally, eye dominance is another critical skill to develop when handling a firearm. Attend as many firearms classes as possible to hone your shooting skills.


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