3 Landscaping Designs You Need Right Now

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3 Landscaping Designs You Need Right Now

Are you ready for a new landscape design? If so, then tune in to watch this video first. This video goes over the top landscape design tips from Better Homes and Gardens you won’t want to miss.

Updating your landscape can really transform your yard and boost the value of your home. Here are three tips you can follow to bring your yard to the next level.

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The first thing you should consider is putting in a retaining wall. This is a great tip for a yard that is on a hill or slope. Using the same stone that you have along your house can really create depth and look like a home extension. The second tip is landscaping. Layering your landscape with texture, color, size, and height can create interest when entering your yard. Try adding cool grasses underneath the windows to really make your yard pop. The third tip is to add in a paver walkway. There are so many different styles of pavers out there, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Follow these three tips to give your front yard the confidence boost it needs. To learn about more tips and tricks, subscribe to the youtube channel!


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