Is Doing Your Own Tree Work Safe?

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Is Doing Your Own Tree Work Safe?

When you have a stubborn tree in your yard, it can be tempting to give a crack at it yourself. Chain saws and face protection are available at any of your local chain home improvement stores, so it must be a common thing that homeowners do, right? Well, before you jump in headfirst to doing your own tree work, it’s crucial that you understand the risks and responsibilities involved with cutting down a residential tree. This video outlines some of the dangers that commercial tree cutters handle on the job.

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The answer to the question “should I try to do my own tree work” is usually no, considering that most homeowners have little to no experience with handling trees. Limbs and logs can be extremely dangerous, and paired with the strenuous activity involved with getting up in the tree, most people need years of practice before pulling of a successful job. Additionally, hiring out a tree worker will save you time and money, as they have all the equipment necessary to trim, cut, or remove your tree completely. Save this lawn work for the professionals.



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