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How to Garage Door Repair

These days, it is not uncommon for the lower section of a wooden garage door to develop rot. This is often due to moisture getting into the wood and rotting it from the bottom up. In the video “Wooden Garage Door Repair,” you can quickly learn how to fix this issue.

First, it is crucial to understand what causes this issue to avoid repeating it in the future.

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Rotting occurs when water gets into gaps in the door that are too small for water vapor. For instance, there might be gaps left where screws have been drilled through. However, they are big enough for liquid water droplets.

This issue is caused by water seeping into the wood door, turning it into wood pulp. You must check your garage a few times a year to ensure no moisture seeps through the cracks and crevices in the wooden garage floor. If you seal those gaps properly, you will not have any problems with mold again.

Make sure your garage door is cleaned regularly. Also, provide any gaps underneath it are sealed up. This includes replacing broken hinges. There are three critical parts to repairing this issue. The first one is sealing the air gaps underneath your garage door. The next is fixing up the concrete under your garage door if there are any cracks or uneven spots. Also, ensure that moisture does not reach your wooden door again.


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