Everything You Should Know About Bail Bonds

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Everything You Should Know About Bail Bonds

Are you interested in what bail bonds are? There are different bail bond systems between each state, but it is essentially a way to allow someone waiting for their trial to stay out of jail until their court date. A bail bond is an agreement by a defendant to appear for trial or pay money set by the court. This bail is to ensure the defendant will show up to their trials without keeping them in custody.

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The bail amount the defendant will have to pay is pre-set, but judges can go away from these amounts if they choose to do so. There are recommended bail amounts for certain crimes. In the video, this expert gives an example of this, stating that in L.A. bail for kidnapping is recommended at $100,000. Bail agents actually make a profit on these bail amounts that are set, charging interest of about 10%. If the defendant fails to show up to their court dates, the bondsman will then forfeit the bail amount.

To learn all about bail bonds, watch this entire video. There is a bunch of information that you may not have known prior, so you can be aware of this if you are ever in this situation.



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