What is Metal Fabrication?

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What is Metal Fabrication?

Are you curious as to what metal fabrication is and how this process is handled? In this video, this expert shows us the creation of a small metal box, so he can demonstrate what metal fabrication is. He is taking leftover one inch square tubing and making a five inch cube. He states that since he is using butt joints instead of miter joints, not all the pieces will be cut to the same length.

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He will be cutting four pieces that are five inches long and eight pieces that are three inches long. You can see this within the video and you can see how it all fits together perfectly.

One of the pieces of equipment he uses to make this metal box is a horizontal metal band saw. He states that they can save you a lot of time and can be extremely beneficial for many metal fabrication projects. You can also see him using a belt sander to deburr the cut and put a chamfer where the weld joints will be.

Watch this entire video to see him go through this step by step process of making a metal box to show us how metal fabrication works



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