Ultimate Guide to Steel Castings

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Ultimate Guide to Steel Castings

What are steel castings and how are they used? In this video, this expert, Jason, will show us a step by step process of casting and pouring stainless steel parts. He will be using scrap stainless steel pieces to make new ones. These will go into an induction furnace, multiple at a time to allow them to melt together.

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Once they are fully melted, the liquid will be poured into the molds they have set up.

Jason shows us what the inside of the molds look like and how they work. He even shows us the inside of the furnace, showing the melted stainless steel. Throughout this entire video, Jason does ensure he is following all of the proper safety precautions to complete this job. Also, it’s important that you have a second hand during this process. This can be extremely dangerous if you are not professionally trained or using the correct equipment, so you should leave this task to the experts.

Watch this entire video to see this entire step by step process and see how steel is recycled and cast to make brand new steel parts. See the final products as well by watching this entire video as well!



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