A Tutorial on How to Use Air Compressors

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A Tutorial on How to Use Air Compressors

Air compressors were formerly exclusively found in the garages or workshops of the most devoted DIYers and mechanics. Nevertheless, now since a wide range of smaller compressors are readily available, they are not just instruments for experts or seasoned DIYers. They can operate a variety of air-powered tools used in a wide range of applications.

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Air compressors compress and store compressed air in steel tanks before releasing it under controlled conditions. The air under pressures powers a range of tool attachments, such as air nailers, air wrenches, sanding and painting tools.
The compressor unit’s electrical motor presses air into a storage tank. It keeps the pressure inside high enough to operate the tools connected to the tank through air hoses. As air pressure changes in the tank, the compressor’s motor automatically engages and deactivates. For instance, when operating a paint sprayer, the operator can hear the electric motor start up when the air in the tank deflates, and it will cut off each time the tank pressure hits its predetermined limit.


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