Common Tools Landscaping Companies Use

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Common Tools Landscaping Companies Use

Landscaping is a profession that requires the skillful handling of some common tools and equipment. Without these essential tools, the job of landscaping would be a lot more difficult and produce results that are excellent. This video highlights common tools used in landscaping.

First off are the leaf vacuumers and mowers. These tools ensure that the lawn is uniformly cut to improve curb appeal.

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Other tools, such as a power broom, a bed redefiner, and a bagger, are also essential in ensuring the lawn is finely cut. A trimmer is another tool that landscapers use to reach areas such as the fence line and mailbox posts that mowers can’t reach.

A leafblower also comes in handy when cleaning up sidewalks. The small and handheld types are perfect for residential use, while the option for a backpack blower also exists for much bigger projects. Equipment trailers and trucks are also essential for greater efficiency and easy transport of landscaping supplies. Hand tools such as shovels, rakes, and pruners are also important landscaping tools, especially when creating a nursery to grow new plants. Protective wear and equipment such as boots, gloves, and ear and eye coverings are also essential to ensure safety.


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