Sign Youre in Need of a New Roof

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Sign Youre in Need of a New Roof

It can be hard to determine the extent of roof damage without regular inspection. These signs indicate that you need a new roof. If pieces of your roof keep ending up in your neighbor’s yard after a storm, this is the first sign of roof deterioration.

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Using your phone’s zoom lens, you can quickly look up your roof to check if shingles are missing, worn or broken. Alternatively, you can climb up a ladder to assess the situation closely.

Another tell-tale sign that you need a new roof is noticing leaks inside your home. These may be small and can get a quick patch to fix, but if left unattended for too long, they turn into big problems that may require an entire roof replacement. The state of your roofline can also determine when you need a new roof. Rooflines in excellent conditions should be solid and straight. Any sagging, curving, or dipping sign indicates a framing or water-saturation issue on your roof’s deck.

If you notice a combination of these signs of roof damage, act fast by calling a contractor to avoid further damage or more expensive repairs.



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