What a Commercial Electrician Does During a Typical Day

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What a Commercial Electrician Does During a Typical Day

Here are some of the things that a commercial electrician does throughout the day, in case you are wondering. Here’s what a normal day looks like for commercial electricians.

When specialized individuals thoroughly inspect the entire building, one of the first things a commercial electrician does is check through tamper-proof outlets and replace some of them that need fixing or repairs.

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But before replacing those outlets, they have a tool called circuit tracer wherein it will detect where the current flows through up into the breaker and get it turned off.

When the outlet’s power is turned off from the circuit breaker, the next thing they do is get the receptacle off the outlet by taking screws off, taking the standard receptacle out, and installing the tamper-resistant receptacles onto the outlet.

Before connecting all the wires to the outlet, you may want to ensure that your ground wire is facing towards the way it is going to rotate; that’s why you are going it to the right before and wrap it around before screwing the wire tightly, squeeze enough to ensure that it is tight enough. Once everything is tight and screwed all the wire terminals properly, screw the receptacle back to its original position.

After that process, the electrician goes through all the ordinary receptacles and replaces them with tamper-proof receptacles. When everything is done, and their shift is over, they go home.



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