The Whats, Whys and Hows of Garage Repair

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The Whats, Whys and Hows of Garage Repair

Simple garage repair problems might include having mistakenly unplugged the garage door opener. Moreover, blocked or misaligned sensors may also cause garage door malfunctions. Although correcting these first two problems does not require professional help, a misaligned garage door that has come off track due to a snapped cable or broken or cracked torsion springs does.

Call a professional garage repair technician if cracks appear in the torsion springs or spaces reveal where breaks have occurred.

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The constant tension in a torsion spring may cause it to break apart with great force during replacement. In addition, cracked springs may fracture or separate, causing severe injuries. In contrast, broken springs result in slightly less damage since they lose some tension, but these repairs still require exceptional caution.

The highly-trained garage repair technicians at Illinois Garage Door Repair will check the door for simple problems first. Initially, they will confirm that the power source is on and the door opener remains plugged into it before trouble-shooting and realigning the sensors. Only after performing these simple fixes will they replace any broken cables or cracked and broken torsion springs. Afterward, the technicians will reset the system and test the garage door’s overall functionality.


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