The Beginners Guide to Concrete DIY

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The Beginners Guide to Concrete DIY

A concrete project is an impressive addition to your property. In the video below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how concrete contractors build concrete driveways, sidewalks, and slabs.

Concrete is a versatile material used for indoor and outdoor projects.

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Before pouring concrete, ensure the area you plan to build your structure in is level and free of debris. If you have any grass or weeds, remove them before you begin. To prevent the concrete from sticking together, create a barrier between the two slabs of concrete. To do this, lay down a piece of fabric and cover the entire area.

Once you’ve laid out the fabric, wait until the concrete dries before removing the fabric. Choose a strong base material such as stone pavers and brick pavers for your concrete slab. Once you’ve created a barrier, use rebar inside the concrete slab to strengthen it. After selecting your base material, pour the concrete into layers, starting with the bottom layer, and let it dry before adding the next layer. Once the concrete has dried, you’ll need to smooth it out. To do this, use a trowel to scrape any rough edges or cracks. Then apply a sealer at the top of the concrete to protect it from water and weathering.


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