Everything You Should Know About Waterproof Sheets

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Everything You Should Know About Waterproof Sheets

When you have a baby who sleeps in their own bed, you will need waterproof sheets for them so that the mattress isn’t ruined. A waterproof bottom sheet both protects the mattress and serves as a rear fitted sheet for the baby. Babies often have diaper leaks as well as spilled bottles and other types of moisture that can affect their beds. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have waterproof sheets on their bed.

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You may want waterproof sheets on their crib as well as in a cradle or other bed that the baby spends time in. These types of sheets work very well for keeping the mattress from accumulating moisture and starting to smell bad or getting mold or mildew on it. It’s a good idea to outfit any areas where the baby sleeps with waterproof sheets. This may include your own bed if you do any co-sleeping in your bed.

These sheets are made with a waterproof backing behind them, and there is no extra padding to make them waterproof. They don’t absorb water. Instead, they repel it. If a liquid is spilled on it, the liquid will stay there until you are able to clean it up.



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