Understanding Vaping History and Culture

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Understanding Vaping History and Culture

If you have wanted to learn more about the culture and history behind vaping products, then look no further!

There is a common misconception that the idea of vaping or e-cigarettes is a new idea. In actuality, this fad dates back to the middle of the 20th century as a way to cut out actual tobacco products and nicotine. Smoking in itself became popular thousands of years ago. Originally, smoking was believed to be healthy and was a stimulant for those who lived rich and luxurious lives.

A tobacco boom took place at the end of the nineteenth century, and smoking became more than just a men’s pastime. Smoking was a symbol of coolness and health. Obviously, we know this to be false. In the late 1960s, scientist started to find that inhaling these combustible fumes were causing serious damage to our lungs.

Because of the bad publicity inflicted from this discovery, the development of e-cigarettes was brought about. From there, the production of different models and uses of vaping has exploded to various groups of people. Smoking e-cigarettes and vaping is illegal for those under the age of 18 but is a popular interest for those of age.


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